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Vodka Brands That Make Every Top 10 List

Whether you like your vodka neat or in a martini or bloody mary, there are many options. That said, there are a number of brands of this distilled grain- and potato-based spirit that seem to have risen above the rest and become household names. Check out some of these top brands if you are looking for quality vodka....(more)

A Complete List of Popular Flavored Vodkas

Several vodka companies focus purely on creating high-quality, simple vodkas in the traditional style. However, more experimental companies realize there is a large market for flavored vodkas of similar quality. Flavored vodkas are fun and encourage creativity in your cocktails. Here is a short list of the most popular brands of flavored vodkas for your next party....(more)

Simple Vodka Pomegranate Margarita Recipes

Margaritas are usually associated with tequila and citrus. Why not give a vodka pomegranate margarita a try? Although drinks are usually thought of as martinis if including vodka, this new take on a margarita is refreshing and delicious. The pomegranate is slightly tart, keeping this margarita from being too sweet. Try one of these recipes at your next cocktail party to impress your guests....(more)

Popular Vodka Brands and Prices

Vodkas come in all shapes and forms. The most famous countries known for vodka production are Russia and Poland. Holland also produces amazing vodkas, and the United States is also currently ramping up its vodka production. The various vodka brands have a range of prices from under $10 up to almost $100....(more)


The Rise of the Microbrewery

Not too long ago a few major beer brands dominated the beer market. Today, microbreweries can be found all over the country. There may even be one in your neighborhood. According to the Brewers Association, there are now 1,700 brewers in the United States and 36,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association. Those who operate microbreweries and those who drink the beer that these small companies produce are passionate, knowledgeable, and loyal to craft beer....(more)

Names of Popular Irish Beers

Some of the world's greatest beers come from Ireland. You've heard of Guinness, of course, but there are many other Irish beers that are just as well-crafted but simply not as famous as the pitch black "bread in a glass." Ready to broaden your horizons and explore Irish beer? Here are some Irish beer names to get you started....(more)

How Are Beer And Cholesterol Linked?

Beer and cholesterol have been linked for ages, but the proof for the connection between the two had to wait until advances in technology made it possible. While beer does not contain cholesterol, it has an effect on the elements in your body that relate to cholesterol....(more)

Bar Equipment

5 Wine Openers for the Home

A wine opener is an essential tool for your kitchen or home bar. In fact, it's extremely difficult to enjoy a bottle of wine without a wine opener. You can watch videos of people slicing off the necks of wine bottles with knives, or digging corks out with tiny forks, but those methods are certainly not the preferred way by any means. Each of these five styles of wine openers offers something different for the wine connoisseur....(more)

The 5 Best Wine Aerators

Wine experts may differ when it comes to their favorite varietal, vineyard, and years, but there is one aspect of wine that every sommelier and wine enthusiast can agree on: wine is better when it has time to breathe. In a perfect world, you'd always get time to decant your wine before the first sip. But when you don't have time, aerators provide a quick and easy way to add oxygen to your wine. These five aerators all offer something different for the wine lover to use for an individual glass of wine or multiple servings....(more)

How To Set Up a Speed Bar

A speed bar is the portion of a professional bar devoted entirely to the most frequently used spirits and liqueurs. It's also usually composed of well spirits, meaning brands that may not be considered top-shelf or premium, though this is not always the case at finer bars and dining establishments. The speed bar helps to keep a bartender in one spot and not having to move in several different directions every time he or she has to make a drink. The order of the spirits is up to the bartender's taste, but the selection usually remains the same. Speed bars also come in handy when you're setting up a home bar, helping a friend prepare for a party, or purchasing spirits for a wedding....(more)