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Make Yourself a Hot and Dirty Martini

A hot and dirty tastes just like it sounds. The "hot" component is derived from the pepper flavored vodka you choose to use in the drink. The "dirty" portion comes from the olive juice. Dirty martinis always contain olive juice, making the drink slightly foggy with a greenish tint. The dirtier the drink, the saltier it becomes. Choose a pepper vodka like Absolut Peppar or Crater Lake Pepper Vodka. For a slightly different kind of heat, you might also like Hangar One's Chipotle Chile infused vodka. And if you're feeling like using your mixology skils, try infusing your favorite plain vodka that you already have on hand with pepper. You can either add the pepper directly to the bottle, or ration out a small portion of vodka into a sealable container like a mason jar, and add the pepper then. You can let it sit for a few hours or...(more)

Treat Your Senses to a Rose Garden Cocktail

The color of this cocktail will mirror the beautiful soft pink of an actual rose, and the aroma of the drink will match the scent of the flower as if it was just picked. Rose water is a distillate of actual rose petals and is safe for consuming if purchased from a verified company. The taste is as gentle as the scent of a rose but lacks sweetness. To give the cocktail a double dose of rose flavoring and an extra boost of sugar, rose simple syrup is used. Rose simple syrup also adds another layer of color, as rose water is usually clear. Roses may be part of a floral family with over one-hundred species, but there is only one rose garden cocktail....(more)

Celebrate the Night with a Blue Kamikaze

In Japanese, the term Kamikaze means "spirit wind." During World War II, Japanese military pilots gave up their lives in suicide missions against the United States and her allies. The majority of the attacks were aimed at US ocean vessels. Although many of the Kamikaze's were effective with their missions of prohibiting the US military from advancing, ultimately their efforts to thwart the US advances were ineffective.A traditional Kamikaze cocktail calls for triple sec, which is a clear orange liqueur made from the peels of orange rinds. This version requires blue curacao, which tastes exactly like orange liqueur. The only difference is the artificial coloring....(more)

Bask in Relaxation with a Central Park Cocktail

Central Park occupies 840 acres of land in the middle of the second largest city in the world. Surrounded by skyscrapers, gridlock, and thousands of pedestrians, Central Park is a haven for New Yorkers and tourists who visit the park regularly. The park runs north to south and is contained by 110th street at the top, 59th street on the bottom, 5th Avenue on the east side, and Central Park West on the west. In certain parts of the park, you'd never know you were in the middle of a giant city due to the absolute beauty of the nature around you. Whether you find shade under the cherry blossom trees, observe floral beauty in the Conservatory Garden, or nap for hours on the Great Lawn, you'll return to the busyness of the city feeling as if you've been off in the countryside.To make the apple shrub for this drink,...(more)


The Rise of the Microbrewery

Not too long ago a few major beer brands dominated the beer market. Today, microbreweries can be found all over the country. There may even be one in your neighborhood. According to the Brewers Association, there are now 1,700 brewers in the United States and 36,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association. Those who operate microbreweries and those who drink the beer that these small companies produce are passionate, knowledgeable, and loyal to craft beer....(more)

Names of Popular Irish Beers

Some of the world's greatest beers come from Ireland. You've heard of Guinness, of course, but there are many other Irish beers that are just as well-crafted but simply not as famous as the pitch black "bread in a glass." Ready to broaden your horizons and explore Irish beer? Here are some Irish beer names to get you started....(more)

How Are Beer And Cholesterol Linked?

Beer and cholesterol have been linked for ages, but the proof for the connection between the two had to wait until advances in technology made it possible. While beer does not contain cholesterol, it has an effect on the elements in your body that relate to cholesterol....(more)


Good Tequila Mixed Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

Imbibing on Cinco de Mayo is not limited to margaritas. There is an extensive selection of cocktails out there, some just as easy to prepare as the tequila standard you know and love. Take your Cinco de Mayo to new heights with this selection of good mixed tequila drinks....(more)

High Quality Pure Agave Tequila Brands

Cheap tequila is arguably the least drinkable of any hard liquor and, thanks to the 50 percent sugar water in its composition, makes for some nasty hangovers the next day. However, 100 percent agave tequila from any of the high-quality tequila brands is like night and day compared with the cheap, diluted options....(more)

Drink Recipes With Tequila and Grapefruit Juice

Exploring new drink recipes is one of the great joys of a cocktail enthusiast. A dry martini or a gin and tonic is fine every now and then, but an adventurous social drinker wants to experiment with new styles and combinations of ingredients. If you are interested in recipes combining tequila, grapefruit juice and other ingredients, consider these popular choices....(more)